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  • How is mobile app testing different from web app testing?

    Software has to be tested to ensure that it provides users with the added value they seek from the use of computer in their daily lives, be it for work or leisure. Software testing was usually executed only on personal computers (i.e. desktops or laptops). With the advent of smart phones, the requirement for testing apps extended to mobiles as well.

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  • How to test mobile applications?

    Testing your mobile applications is generally considered as a complicated, time-taking and expensive procedure as compared to typical web-application or desktop-applications testing. Why is that so? Because, there are a number of different versions of mobile phones in markets, each having its own OS and different networking conditions.

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  • 7 steps Android Developers take during mobile QA testing

    The mobile users expect that the applications installed by them are simple, intuitive, work always and everywhere without fail. If the expectations are not justified, then the user simply installs a similar application from another author, which in the field of mobile development is always enough. Therefore, the quality of the application is one of the main factors of its popularity.

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  • Mobile app testing job interview? Be ready for these 8 questions

    As everyone knows the mobile apps have become extremely popular for the last few years. People use mobile phones or tablets to get ALL the information they need. That is really quick and simple way to get any information using fingertips. People spend most of their free time in mobile devices. They actually leave online. That's why mobile apps are so much important nowadays.

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  • Are you testing iOS apps? Here are pro tips for you!

    The iOS is the glitchiest platform on the mobile market. It has almost three times more bugs and flaws than google Android. In 80% of cases 3rd party applications are to blame. It’s better off to weed out as many bugs as possible (and as soon as possible) both reputation and cost-saving wise. Consider our tips for iOS app testing.

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  • Some of the best options for Mobile Test Automation

    Developing mobile applications is very different from developing desktop or even web software. But automating every kind of mobile application is neither possible, nor required. It should depend on what kind of application do you have, if it has complex logic does it have, and how long it will be in development or getting big updates.

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  • When it’s better not to unit test your apps

    Find out cases when you can use unit testing and when it’s better to avoid this type of app testing.

    We all lack something to start automated testing. Some of you may lack time or money. Indeed, often the ratio of the quality of work and time spent is enough to start conducting auto-tests.

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  • Tips for testing mobile iOS applications

    Find out tips for conducting efficient tests for mobile applications on iOS.

    In the process of developing of a program comes a time when regression testing takes too much of your time and efforts. Another significant reason for the complexity of iOS-application testing (as well as any other mobile app testing) is a variety of range of supported devices and OS versions, the need for testing in landscape and portrait modes, as well as under various conditions connected to the Internet. The desire to optimize the testing process leads us to the need for its full or partial automation.

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  • Tips for optimizing your iOS mobile app testing

    Optimize mobile app testing on iOS: security, usability, and performance of your application.

    Mobile app testing for iOS is an essential part of any development process due to high competition in the market nowadays. In this article, we’ll provide practical tips to optimize the testing process to make it more efficient.

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  • Testing mobile applications made easy: here’s a checklist for you

    Learn what you should test in your mobile app before releasing a new build and updating your app in the store.

    It is difficult to overstate the importance of the testing process in the world of mobile applications. One single bug in the application will cost the developer tens and hundreds of negative user feedbacks, low rates and the lack of audience growth in a few hours in Google Play, and in a few weeks in the case of the App Store. In other words, it’s a complete collapse.

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  • Mobile Application Testing: Interview Questions and Answers

    Functional testing of mobile applications usually includes testing the interaction with the user, as well as testing transactions.

    What is mobile application testing? In simple terms, we check whether the application fulfills the expected function, which is usually described in the specification or dictated by business processes.

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  • 3 Things You Would Really Want to A/B Test In Your Mobile App

    Find out what you can check with a/b testing to increase your sales and conversion rate.

    In the times of fierce competition in the mobile applications stores, it’s quite hard to find a loyal audience. Price optimization does not always help to drive more traffic. You should constantly look for the ways that will help to convert the maximum number of users.

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