• Mobile Application Testing: Interview Questions and Answers

    Functional testing of mobile applications usually includes testing the interaction with the user, as well as testing transactions.

    What is mobile application testing? In simple terms, we check whether the application fulfills the expected function, which is usually described in the specification or dictated by business processes.

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  • What is web application performance testing?

    Read the information about what web application testing is and what tools you can use to perform the test at a high level.

    Merely functional and simple load testing is no longer enough for testing sites today. They do not provide confidence in the performance of applications in a real world and now require more sophisticated means.

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  • What is Load Testing in Software Testing

    Why do we carry out stress tests? The issue is important enough, and depending on how you respond to it, you will choose one or the other load testing strategy.

    In many cases, the load tests are carried out in order to determine the maximum number of users that can be served on the selected server. Accordingly, the stress tests carried out before the launch of the product launch. But this approach does not give you an answer to the question: Is it possible serve more users? Perhaps you need a little bit to optimize the code, and the server can properly serve the increasing number of requests.

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  • What is performance testing?

    Learn what stress testing is, how and when to use it. Use testing tips and tricks to improve your work.

    At a time when the growth of computing power is going down (vertical scalability), and the volume of tasks is growing at the same speed, performance problem is becoming more up to date. But before you rush to test performance, it is necessary to obtain a quantitative characteristic. Our task is to carry out a sufficient number of tests to predict the system's behavior in a given situation.

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