• Stress testing: tips and tricks for better performance.

    Learn what stress testing is, how and when to use it. Use testing tips and tricks to improve your work.

    Before you rush into your first battle, we should first figure out what we want to get as a result of testing. After verification, as well as any other work, we prepare in advance. When all the aims are not adequately formulated, we can get results that do not adequately reflect the real situation.

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  • 3 Things You Would Really Want to A/B Test In Your Mobile App

    Find out what you can check with a/b testing to increase your sales and conversion rate.

    In the times of fierce competition in the mobile applications stores, it’s quite hard to find a loyal audience. Price optimization does not always help to drive more traffic. You should constantly look for the ways that will help to convert the maximum number of users.

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  • How to automate software testing

    Learn the basic principles and the strategy of automate software testing to make your product reliable.

    At a certain stage of its development, each team is coming to the stage where the members have already got used to each other, they make good products, and everything they do is great, but they must move on. And here comes the time of lean production. The team begins to improve its existing processes to reduce or even get rid of the loss of time, resources, and so on.

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  • Quality Assurance: JMeter for Performance Testing

    Read what an automated performance test is, what tools you can use for it and how to use JMeter for performance testing.

    With the appearance of Agile methodologies of the development, there is a strong need for testing at an early stage of development, and this in turn implies the need to assess the functionality with no user interface. For example, component and integration testing of web-services, database and other databases server components. For all heavy client-server applications performance testing is essential.

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