• How to prepare for a stress test?

    Follow five steps preparing for a stress test.

    Stress testing is a kind of test that characterizes the system in terms of the sustainability of its operation under conditions that exceed its normal state. Sounds boring? In this article we’ll tell you how to prepare for stress testing and much more.

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  • Easy as pie: Testing Web Services Manually

    Read how to test web services manually to check up any drawbacks of your project.

    First web services were created to provide information for web users. Then the new services appeared that allowed the owners of web services to predict the load capacity. And with the help of these services, hackers came up with a way to get any web application overloaded.

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  • How to do Load Testing Using JMeter?

    Use this step-by-step guide to do the load testing of your project with the help of Apache JMeter.

    JMeter is a very powerful tool for load testing with the ability to create a large number of requests at the same time thanks to parallel work on multiple computers. It supports plugins to extend its functionality. The tool can be used for testing huge Internet banking systems. In this post, I will describe how to use JMeter for load testing of your project.

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  • A guide to Automation Testing using Selenium IDE

    Take a look at the Selenium tools for automated testing of your projects: advantages, disadvantages and tips on using them.

    The world of software development is growing rapidly. A great emphasis today is on web and mobile apps, as these applications are in high demand because of the huge popularity of smartphones and Internet in everyday life.

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