Our Dedicated Project Team Model is a usegful service if you want to have a proprietary feel but also have the advantages of offshore cost reduction. You should not labor needlessly on legal support, recruitment, environment support, maintenance, etc. All of these things will be done for you so that you can focus on your product and business needs.

Quality Assurance dedicated teams are groups of experts in quality assurance, which aim to improve the software development process, prevent any bugs and detect all the drawbacks in the product.

What will you get from quality assurance consulting services?

  1. Analysis and specification of needs of the customer or business analysts.
  2. Planning of the process.
  3. Creating cases.
  4. Functional testing.
  5. Identification of problem areas, making them visible and recordable.
  6. Discussion of fixes with the developers.
  7. Tracking errors of the life cycle.
  8. Re-test of fixed defects.
  9. Analysis of the process.
  10. Optimizing the jobs completed.
  11. Optimizing processes in a team: testing & analysis.
  12. Improving processes.
  13. Preparing the documentation.

What we offer:

transparent control

Transparent team control.

team management

FREE Team management.

engeneers work

Engineers dedicated to a single project at a time.

Team on demand

Ability to extend the team on request.

ready for new requests

Team members ready for new requests at any time.


Experts in the exact skills that you require.

do not pay

FREE HR and Admin activities.


Frequent and relevant communication.

When is a dedicated team service critical?

You have a long-term project.

You want to have a proprietary feel to your team.

You want to have domain experts working for you.

You want experts that live with your project.

You want to extend your team on-demand.

Ready to Start ?

Want to start with the best QA people around, and turn your software testing team quality to the top?

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