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  • How to write an effective software defect report

    What exactly is a defect? In the context of software systems and software projects, any application where the result requirement that was supposed to be there, but is missing is considered as a defect. An incorrect requirement can also become a defect. Or when there is something on the site that is not supposed to be there, also becomes a defect.

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  • Manual Test Case Writing Hacks

    As technologies advance, automated testing is becoming a norm. However, automated testing alone is not sufficient in many cases; thus, the need to write manual test cases. An essential part of any software QA exercise, manual test cases can be difficult to write. Here are some hacks to get through the process.

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  • 7 Things to Test In Your Search Form

    Most all applications contain a search box that allows user to interact with the site content. The number of scenarios to test search form is unlimited. It is necessary to consider many factors when performing testing the search form. Following 7 things can be considered as main points for test site search.

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  • Easy as pie: Testing Web Services Manually

    Read how to test web services manually to check up any drawbacks of your project.

    First web services were created to provide information for web users. Then the new services appeared that allowed the owners of web services to predict the load capacity. And with the help of these services, hackers came up with a way to get any web application overloaded.

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