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  • What is Load Testing in Software Testing

    Why do we carry out stress tests? The issue is important enough, and depending on how you respond to it, you will choose one or the other load testing strategy.

    In many cases, the load tests are carried out in order to determine the maximum number of users that can be served on the selected server. Accordingly, the stress tests carried out before the launch of the product launch. But this approach does not give you an answer to the question: Is it possible serve more users? Perhaps you need a little bit to optimize the code, and the server can properly serve the increasing number of requests.

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  • Stress testing: tips and tricks for better performance.

    Learn what stress testing is, how and when to use it. Use testing tips and tricks to improve your work.

    Before you rush into your first battle, we should first figure out what we want to get as a result of testing. After verification, as well as any other work, we prepare in advance. When all the aims are not adequately formulated, we can get results that do not adequately reflect the real situation.

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  • How to prepare for a stress test?

    Follow five steps preparing for a stress test.

    Stress testing is a kind of test that characterizes the system in terms of the sustainability of its operation under conditions that exceed its normal state. Sounds boring? In this article we’ll tell you how to prepare for stress testing and much more.

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  • A guide to stress testing

    Learn how to do manual and automated stress testing and the difference between these two types of testing.

    Manual testing is a part of the testing process over the quality control step in the process of software development. It is produced without the use of tester software to check the program website or by user interaction modeling. Any regular users can do this with informing the developers about the bugs.

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  • How does a stress test works?

    Read a guide to stress testing from basic facts to the examples of use to guarantee your project will overcome any load.

    The primary objective of stress testing is to check the stability of the product work with boundary loads. Stress testing involves tests that load much higher than the operating load volume on the product. We usually use special tools, since it’s usually impossible to manually create an overload. For example, testing web applications with the help of the robot to generate a significant flow of requests.

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