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We use essential types of QA methods to make sure that your product meets the requirements specified. One of these methods is web-based application testing. No matter how good the web application testing services you are using, or how great your app testing company is, it’s impossible to detect every bug. Even apps from Google have bugs. But it is possible to significantly enhance your application using services from DeviQA. Our 10+ years of experience and cost-effective solutions allow us to find bottlenecks easily.

Quality assurance of web applications is one of the specialties of the DeviQA company. We know the characteristics of web development and requirements for web-based applications. DeviQA offers all kinds of manual (functional software testing, end-to-end, A/B testing and so on), semi-automated and automated testing of web applications to make sure that all application components are stable and consistent with business requirements.

  1. Testing the user interface and cross-browser compatibility aims at ensuring the interaction with the user application and the exclusion of layout defects.
  2. Usability testing complements interface testing. DeviQA experts identify the point in the process of navigation and user interface, which may be incomprehensible to the user. They have insufficient information content or, conversely, excessive.
  3. Load testing and Stress testing are designed to test the application's operational stability at normal, regular and peak loads. We pay great attention to security testing for web applications.
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